Gettin' Sticky

by Hot Won't Quit

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This is the final installment in the "Gettin'" trilogy, which started with Gettin' Sweaty and Gettin' Hard.


released April 14, 2017

Recorded and Mixed in the winter of 2016 at Haywire Studios with Rob Bartleson.

Photography by Matt Harrington (@scherzofoto)

All songs written and performed by Hot Won't Quit.



all rights reserved


Hot Won't Quit Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Grab the Wheel
Have you ever had to realize
That it's time to apologize
For just being the way you are?

Trapped inside something "suitable"
Enslaved by the immutable
And change just seems so fucking hard

Grab the wheel
Cause you gotta get me the hell outta here
Wann know how it feels
For things to quietly make sense

Sky is the limit but the limitless sky
pins your feet as you move on.

Where is it written
that we take everything we're given
without giving it a second thought?
Track Name: Quality Education
Beers and bands and babes and buds
In their Halloween duds
Ghosts and witches, sexy nurse
Hangover is your curse

Smokey, spooky spiderwebs
Dance you out of your dress
Sippin' on some jungle juice
Hit this hog leg, get loose


Beach house, club house
Start out the year right
Hit this pipe, you need a light?

Crack another beer let's ring in the new year
Take a walk on the beach you never see the Beast
Watch your back Sneaker Wave attack
Never turn your back WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK
Watch your back
Sneaker Wave attack

Obey King Wave
In a haze, King Waves
Crushing your legs
Won't spoil your night
Hit this pipe, you need a light?
Track Name: One Two Three ONE TWO
When it's all over and everyone can see me as I am
Will there be anything left that I can keep for myself?
Coulda gone anywhere but I know that you don't belong here

Roll right through me like a boulder
Laying her head on my shoulder
And I gotta feeling she could crush me in the palm of her hand

Throwing me out when she's bored of
The things that used to absorb us
But I gotta feeling that you haven't seen the last of us yet

Drag me along
I know the song
Wasn't over but you're gone

Crawling around the rubble we've been through
I wouldn't change one minute with you
Track Name: Get What For
I've got an idea let's make a promise right now
We can't allow this anymore
It used to mean something when you told someone you'd be there
Your flakiness is such a bore
You flakey fuckers
You flakey fuckers
You flakey fuckers get what for

Hey, wait don't be silly
understand that you're busy
really no apology necessary
it's fine

I won't, I won't give you
(Sounds like a dream come true)
Fire to burn us to the ground
I hope I won't be there
(You loving you)
Be there when you crumble down

Why you wanna run around in my head?
Why you wanna change the things you said?
Track Name: The Hole I've Dug for Myself
Please help me out of
This hole I've dug for myself
With the spoon from your mouth

Too deep and dark here
To see the light of the sun
Reflecting off of your teeth

Throw down a rope now
The water's rising up to my neck
And into to my ears

Everyone's asking
If the acid
In your voice
Stings your throat when you swallow it whole
Track Name: Night Owls
I can tell what you're coming after
But this is everything
None of this is meant to last here
It's no surprise to see

Never had time to master
Much of anything
This is all there is, just faster
It's no surprise to see

It's just us night owls
On the wing and on the prowl
How did we get here?
Hold my hand let's disappear

I can guess what you're coming after
Cause you're just like me
This is all there is, just faster
Until it's time to leave